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Medical Holiday Direct was founded over 20 years ago as a joint Canadian and European venture in order to offer an alternative avenue for medical services. Currently 17 million Americans alone jump the border for elective surgery and dental procedures.

We created a personalized medical experience whereby our clients call toll free to our doctor or dentist for their medical needs. Our doctors then correlate with the best particular specialist, many of whom are USA board certified. Our team also negotiates the best price on your behalf for both services and medications.

We also offer after care services such as full or part time nurses and caregivers to assist with your recovery.

We also recognize that our clients needed accommodations at a great price. To that end, we formed a vendor alliance with every major travel and shopping provider in order for you to enjoy a first class experience.

Currently we are developing a full time assisted care real estate division located in the magical town of Talpa where you can invest in full time custom homes That sits within the 180 acre holistic eco friendly reserve. Choose from the 89 homes to make your retirement dreams a reality. Ask your Rep for more details.

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