US vs MEXICO (Average Costs)

Diagnostic, General Dentistry, and Extractions Prices     
Consultation per visit $90.00$27.00$63.0070%
Single Tooth X-rays per tooth $30.00$5.00$25.0083%
Panoramic X-rays per mouth $115.00$22.00$93.0081%
Cleaning per mouth $95.00$34.00$61.0064%
Extractionper tooth $185.00$40.00$145.0078%
Surgical Extraction per tooth $300.00$100.00$175.0067%
Wisdom Tooth Extraction per tooth $500.00$100.00$400.0080%
White Filling - 1 surface per tooth $168.00$67.00$101.0060%
White Filling - 2 surface per tooth $210.00$67.00$143.0068%
Laser Whitening per mouth $500.00$169.00$331.0066%
Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry Prices      
Porcelain Fused to Base Metal per tooth $1,000.00$298.00$702.0070%
All Porcelain Crown (no metal) per tooth $1,200.00$450.00$750.0061%
Zirconia Crown per tooth $1,500.00$500.00$1,000.0066%
Gold Porcelain Crownper tooth$1,400.00***Depends on current price of gold & weight (Avg Savings 50-70%)
Dental Bridge Crown Fused to Base Metal (per unit)per tooth$1,000.00$298.00$702.0070%
Dental Bridge Zirconia Crown (per unit)per tooth$1,500.00$333.00$1,167.0079%
Porcelain Veneerper tooth$1,200.00$333.00$867.0072%
Lumineersper tooth$1,400.00$333.00$1,067.0076%
Night Guardper mouth$300.00$133.00$167.0056%
Root Canal Prices      
Root Canal Molar + Custom Postper tooth$1,200.00$238.00$1,012.008100%
Root Canal + Custom Postper tooth$1,000.00$238.00$762.0076%
Periodontal Treatment Prices     
Deep Cleaningper quadrant$265.00$142.00$123.0046%
Open Curettage / Osseous Surgeryper quadrant$1,100.00$142.00$958.0087%
Dentures Cost Prices     
Full Denturesper arch$1,800.00$995.00$805.0045%
Partial Denturesper arch$1,880.00$497.00$1,383.0074%
Dental Implant Prices     
Dental Implantper toothUS$1,800.00$497.00$1,383.0074%
Dental Implant + Abutment + Porcelain Crownper tooth$4,000.00$1,133.00$2,867.0072%
Bone Graftingper site$800.00****** Depends on Bone Weight (Avg Savings 60-85%)
Implant Overdentures Using Locators Prices     
Implant Overdenture with 2 Implants and Locatorsper arch$8,500.00$6,240.00$2,260.0027%
Implant Overdenture with 3 Implants and Locatorsper arch$11,000.00$6,960.00$4,040.0037%
Implant Overdenture with 4 Implants and Locatorsper arch$14,000.00$7,680.00$6,320.0045%
Implant Overdentures with Connecting Bar Prices      
Implant Overdenture with 3 Implants and Barper arch$14,000.00$6,960.00$7,040.0050%
Implant Overdenture with 4 Implants and Barper arch$17,000.00$7,680.00$9,320.0055%
Implant Overdenture with 5 Implants and Barper arch$20,000.00$8,400.00$11,600.0058%
Implant Overdenture with 6 Implants and Barper arch$22,000.00$9,120.00$12,880.0059%
Fixed Teeth Supported by Dental Implants Prices     
4 Mini-Implants Securing Dentureper arch$4,500.00$3,600.00$900.0020%
6 Mini-Implants Securing Dentureper arch$6,500.00$5,400.00$1,100.0017%
Fixed Hybrid Prosthesis Secured with 6 Implants / Permanent Dentures Supported by 6 Implantsper arch$28,000.00$9,120.00$18,800.0067%
Fixed Hybrid Prosthesis Secured with 8 Implants / Permanent Dentures Supported by 8 Implantsper arch$36,000.00$10,400.00$25,600.0071%
Sedation Prices     
IV Sedationper session$800.00$250.00$550.0037%
General Anesthesiaper session$780.00$250.00$530.0049%

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